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 by Steven E. Guffey, PhD, CIH
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 Industrial hygiene

Industrial ventilation

Industrial Hygiene

In addition to a PhD in Industrial Hygiene and Masters degree in Industrial Engineering (Safety/Ergonomics), I was one of the first OSHA industrial hygiene inspectors(see Resume). I have advised employers in more than 500 operations in everything from Fortune 5 to Mom & Pop operations. Along with vast experience in sampling and evaluating exposures to airborne dusts, gases and vapor, noise, heat stress, and other contaminants, I also can often suggest very specific engineering improvements that should greatly reduce exposures and sometimes eliminate them.

Tough problems
If your company is beset by tough exposure problems, my expertise in engineering controls combined with my IH expertise and practical approach gives me a nearly unique ability to find innovative, practical solutions.

OSHA problems
I can help you navigate these troubled waters thanks to my experience and understanding of legal issues and how OSHA works. My experience as an OSHA inspector and expert witness combines with my knowledge of industrial hygiene and engineering controls allow me to guide you out of the woods and into the sunlight with the least possible pain and lost motion.


Industrial Ventilation

Over the last 20 years I have visited over 500 industrial sites to offer advice on designing, redesigning or troubleshooting industrial ventilation systems and on solving industrial hygiene exposure problems in other ways. With graduate level training and broad practical experience in ventilation engineering, ergonomics, safety and industrial hygiene (see Resume), I bring a unique background to reducing exposures in the workplace. I pride myself on finding the most practical solutions to problems for my clients.

Expert Witness for Legal Cases

I serve as an expert witness for selected cases, usually 1-3 per year. My goals in advising counsel are to: (1) give a well-rounded technical view of the relevant facts of the case and discuss my views on the strong points and weak points of the case, (2) to assist in gathering and developing additional information as needed, (3) provide the benefit of my years of presenting difficult technical material to lay people, and (4) to provide a clear view of the facts and issues in court if called upon to testify.

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