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Download the new measurement program that works with the December '07 and later Heavent versions

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Updates (see last item for most recent update)

Recent History
to 1-Oct-2001: fixed problem with adding ducts downstream of fan;
fixed presentation of Fhood value on air-cleaner screen

28-Nov-2001: fixed bug in air-cleaner screen that caused freeze-up under some conditions
Improved error handling and reporting.

11-Dec-2001: fixed bug in printing that crashed the program when the system schematic is very large in total length.

31-Dec-2001: fixed many annoying bugs inadvertently introduced in previous version. None affected computation accuracy; all were related to inputting or displaying data. Most involved inputting psychrometric values and default values.

3-Jan-2002: fixed bug in airflow-psychrometrics that caused crash.

20-Jan-2002: improved input of data in Quick Inputs and in Psychrometrics

4-Feb-2002: fixed bug causing loss of inputs if changed ID of air-cleaning device. Changed splash screen to require confirmation (by clicking 'Yes' when queried) that licensed user is using the program.

14-Feb-2002: added ability to Schematic view to add manual dampers and booster fans. Improved screen inputs for miscellaneous (now 'Junctions')

30-May-2002: fixed errors in initial selection of diameters and erratic behavior of "fixing" ducts. Several cosmetic changes.

7-June-2002: fixed error in previous installation, which failed to include a specific file, sabotaging installation. Greatly improved fan system effects inputs.

12-Oct-2002: fixed problem associated with maximizing some screens. Fixed problem associated with connecting the system while toggle set for "Modeling with measured values."

11-Nov-2002: fixed problem associated with "Modeling with measured values." Under some conditions, if this was toggled on while you have inputed few measured problems, Heavent could attempt some impossible calculations, leading to an overflow error. It is still a good idea to toggle on modeling with measured values only after inputing all or nearly all of the measured values. Note, also, that as a practical matter, this feature is useless without measured values to input, a point missed by many.

27-Feb-2003: Fixed error in inputing airflows screen where inputing ridiculously high temperatures caused a crash. Fixed error in measured values screen where pressing the F1 key caused a crash..

18 March -2003: Fixed annoying errors in inputing metric values in the Default Screen and in the Diameter Files screen. When metric values were inputed, Heavent would convert them to different values before your eyes, forcing you to input them in inch-pound units (thanks to A.G. of Sheffield, England for bringing this to my attention).

On Schematic Screen, you could choose to increase diameter sizes on-screen, but you could not reduce them. Now can do both.

In the Schematic Screen, added several Show Values. You can now view measured values, static pressures, and equivalent loss coefficients.

23 March -2003: Added input table to Schematic Screen identical to that in the Quick Inputs screen. This should be speed up data entry when working from a blueprint of the system.

Fixed additional screwups in inputing metric values.

31 March -2003: Added ability to "clone" duct ids. That is, you can copy the inputed data (airflow, target velocity, length, etc.) from one branch to some or all other branches. Similarly, you can copy inputed data relevant to submains to other submains. This should speed up data entry for large systems.

20 April-2003: Added ability on schematic to "show" inputted airflows and to show other airflow values as either standard, dry air or actual airflows.

28 April-2003: Minor bug fixes. Should show last two files opened on file menu.

16 May-2003: Minor improvements and one significant fix. Under some security schemes, programs could crash on startup. Moved temporay file to a different location to avoid the problem.

8 June -2003: Fixed bug in dealing with tapers (expansions and contractions) and a bug in system effects on the fan. Added a new screen allowing evaluation of data imported from HvMeas. Revised HvMeas to add to data exported to Heavent to allow comparison of system connections.

28 June -2003: Improved ease of use of Hood loss coefficient screen. Fixed bug in inputting slots for hoods. Major improvement to using measured data, including: 1) when importing data, can view duct connections on a new "Evaluation" screen and compare to the system on Heavent to verify that it is the same system, and 2) "Data Acquisition" screen lets you directly input measured VPs as well as SPh and SPend (at some point in the future it will acquire data from digital manometers like HvMeas). The single "model with measured values" has been broken down into three toggles: 1) accept measured values, 2) compute Fcorr values, and 3) make use Fcorr values in predicting the behavior of the system when changes are made. Changes were made in HvMeas to allow it to export temperature, humidity, and VP traverse data to Heavent.

19 October-2003: Fixed bug that caused crash when trying to shut off flow to a duct completely in the schematic screen.

12 May-2004: Cleaned up the appearance of Information On System (under File Menu). Many small bug fixes.

25 Aug-2004: Expanded pan range so that very large systems can be covered. Some small bug fixes. Note that some substantial changes are in the works. They will give ability to tie system airflow to a specific fan. It will be months before those changes are adequate to enable them in the program (they are present but hidden now).

3 Oct-2004: Increased maximum number of runs to 810. Hence, the maximum number of branches is now roughly 400. Note that each taper adds one run, so the number of possible branches would roughly equal 407-number of tapers - number of air-cleaners.

25 Oct-2004: Better job of predicting estimated airflows for simple hoods.

4 June-2005: Quick Inputs Screen - Slot velocity options not working smoothly. Fixed jumping to end of table when use cursor keys. Air-cleaner Screen - Fixed display of metric units.

Fan Screen - Looked at the fact that airflows change without any change in inputs. To a degree, this should happen as the program iteratively solves the system, converging on a more accurate solution. However, the changes should be modest. We are still evaluating whether under some conditions the changes are greater than they should be. If in doubt, use the values shown for the fan under the Table printout. Note that the value will always be higher than the sum of the target airflows for the branches, though it should be very close if you balance with dampers.

New installation program now used. Should not matter to users, but let me know if there are problems.

13 June-2005: Previous fix introduced a bug that caused crashes when changing duct diameters and other unforgivable behaviors. Now fixed.

7 September-2005:Installation error if user did not have richtxt.ocx. Now included as part of the package.

24 October-2005: Possible installation errors. Re-compiled, just in case.

Alert: please let me know if you have Error 9 notification, especially when exiting the program. Please note exactly what you did just before the crash and email the file you were working on. Fixed problem with slot hood computations.

24 July-2006: Possible installation errors involving Windows components.

Updated .ocx registration in the installation program.

23 August-2006: Possible problems in error-trapping. Last file not correctly identified in file menu.

Beefed up error-trapping and made it so the exact subroutine where the error occurred will be listed if there is an error, making it easier to find the cause if one occurs.

Re-wrote the sections in the file menu that show the names of files previously opened. Will not show files whose addresses have become incorrect.

27 August-2006: Separated toggles in the Toggle menu into advanced and not. Re-worded check items to clarify their functions. Increased 'Help' discussion in Schematic menu.

2 February-2007: A ventilation pressure and flow data acquisition program is now available. I have nearly completed revisions to Heavent that will allow exchange of information between the two programs.

5 July '07: Released a "beta" version of Heavent. The main feature iss improved use of measured values. I have not released it, yet, because I have not had time to thoroughly check it for bugs. The version communicates with HvMeasurement (see above). The old version communicates with HvMeas (the old DOS program). If you must use VISTA, you may find it necessary to use this version.

24 November-2007: The beta version of Heavent modified to look for either heavent.chk or heavent.pass in either c:\users\heavent or c:\heavent and in corresponding directories in drives d through L. The maximum humidities at temperatures approaching 212°F was increased.

HvMeasurement was modified to improve computation of roughness values for experimental studies.

13 December-2007: A significant upgrade: 1) works with HvMeasurement, 2) fixes episodic bug in listing fan static pressures, 3) adds convenient access to commonly used tables for loss coefficients, target velocity, and altitude of cities, 4) opens either heavent.chk and heavent.pass as password files (.chk files are sometimes treated rudely by security software) and looks for them in several folders, and 5) numerous cosmetic improvements.

15 August-2008: A bug causing incorrect choices of initial duct sizes crept in (!!!). This fixed it.

1 Jan-2009: Improved the way Heavent handles bad or missing heavent password files..

7 June-2009: Minor improvements.

Aug 2009: Minor improvements

2-October-2007: Not native to VISTA or Windows 7. Must do the following to run:

Right click on the Heavent icon on the desktop
Select Properties
Select Compatibility
Click the box - Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Windows 7 :
Right click on the Heavent icon on the desktop
Select Properties
Run as the administrator

2-August-2012: Minor bug fixes

10-May-2014: Cosmetic fixes

2-November-2014: Minor bug fixes. Fixed rare error in reading password.pass files