Heavent Industrial Exhaust Ventilation Software

 Industrial Exhaust Ventilation for Workplace Contaminant Control
data acquistion and troubleshooting software
a free data acquisition/troubleshooting program


Hv_meas is currently available for FREE without purchase of the Heavent software package (see discussion and download procedure at the bottom). It may NOT be sold or distributed along any product sold or licensed. It is NOT a "public domain" program. It is copyrighted.

Note that HvMeasurement is NOT free.

What HvMeas Does

Hv_meas vastly reduces the time it takes to monitor systems and to analyze and report the data from monitoring. Specifically, it does the following:

  • Aids in taking static pressure and Pitot traverse readings in the field

  • Provides real-time troubleshooting analysis

  • If all goes well, it can acquire measurements from digital manometers through the serial port (COM1). Since modern computers typically lack serial ports, you will need to purchase a USB to serial converter and the setup software that comes with it.



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Legal Notice

Hv_meas is not "public domain." It is copyrighted and we retain all rights and priviledges afforded by copyright protection. Hv_meas currently is provided free of charge to the public. Individuals are welcome to download it for their own use in monitoring and caring for industrial exhaust ventilation systems. It may not be distributed by any person or entity to another person or entity by internet, disk, or any other means. If you wish others to have it, refer them to this website.


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