Heavent Industrial Exhaust Ventilation Measurement Software
(c) 1995-2014 Steven E. Guffey, PhD, CIH

Industrial Exhaust Ventilation for Workplace Contaminant Control
Windows Software

data acquistion and troubleshooting software Heavent licensees
NOT FREE for others.

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- latest version 2 November '14

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- DOS program -


HvMeasurement and Dilution can be used freely as executable files, but neither is in the public domain. That means neither can be sold or traded for value alone or as part of a package. They are both copyrighted.

HvMeasurement can vastly reduces the time it takes to monitor systems and to analyze and report the data from monitoring. Specifically, it does the following to aid in taking static pressure and Pitot traverse readings in the field:

  • Acquires measurements from digital manometers by reading the serial port (COM1).
  • Displays velocity contours for one or two perpendicular traverses.

  • Checks for indications of measurement errors.

  • Computes observed average velocities, airflows, densities, and system resistance values.
  • Exports measured values to Heavent, allowing reliable redesign of installed systems, however new or old.

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Copyright Information for HvMeasurement

HvMeasurement is copyrighted, and we retain all rights and priviledges afforded by copyright protection. It can be downloaded by anyone from our website, but it may not be distributed by any person or entity to another person or entity by internet, disk, or any other means. If you wish others to have it, refer them to this website.

When downloaded, HvMeasurement will not save files unless you have a "heavent.chk" file, which you would receive after purchasing a single-user or site license to Heavent. The heavent.chk file must be in the same directory (i.e., the Heavent program folder) as HvMeasurement.

Heavent can produce files useful to HvMeasurement and vice-versa.

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Recent Changes to Windows Version

18 June '07, Version 1.0 is released

19 June '07, Version 1.01:
Graph had not shown the number 22 traverse. Now it does.
Made so that show one more row than currently filled in.

Put command button on top right to alternate between "Research" and "Normal." Research is intended for me and my students but could be used by others. It assumes you are measuring a single branch system with SP measurements made at 3 stations.
Allows up to 200 rows for Research and 1,000 for Normal.



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