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Heavent Software Ordering Information
Steven E. Guffey, PhD
1403 Far Meadows
Morgantown, WV 26508


Licensing Fee Schedule (see Licensing Agreement)
One user per license except for site licenses. Must provide the name of each individual
who will be a licensed user unless a site license is purchased.
All fees subject to change without notice.


Orders from countries other than the U.S. must be pre-paid by money order drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars.

All transaction are on the downloadable spreadsheet (Spreadsheet for transactions). It will calculate costs for you.

Single user license $495 Note that Heavent is licensed on a per user basis (except for site licenses). It is not based on number of "seats." Only the authorized user of each license may use Heavent. (see Licensing Agreement)
2nd- 5th reduced price See Spreadsheet for transactions
depends on time since last upgrade See Spreadsheet for transactions. Includes new manual.

Transfer from one employee to another within the same company

cost of upgrade with a minimum fee
Basically is a transfer plus upgrade with a minimum cost of $150. Includes new manual. See Spreadsheet for transactions

License for authorized employee who is leaving the company

New license for an authorized individual who is leaving the company that purchased the license (includes upgrade at no additional cost).

Site license

$1800 and higher
Purchase the right for all individuals employed by a company at a particular site to use the program. Price negotiated on a case-by-case basis. It varies with the expected number of users and other factors. See Spreadsheet for transactions


Shipping/Handling Charges
 First class mail $18 for each manual shipped within the U.S.;
actual cost outside the U.S.
 Express mail $45 within the U.S. for each set of manuals shipped
actual cost outside the U.S.

Steps to ordering an upgrade or a new license for one user
1. READ Licensing Agreement
2. Determine the fee from the downloadable Spreadsheet for transactions:
3. Determine the shipping/handling charge (see Spreadsheet for transactions)

4. Fill out the appropriate worksheet on the Spreadsheet for transactions and email it to us. We must have the contact information for billing and for all authorized users.

5. Pay us as described on the Spreadsheet for transactions. Payment must be in U.S. currency

6. Download the Heavent executable from this website and install it to the authorized users' computers:

orange download

7. When we receive your payment or PO number, we will email you a special file for each licensed user that converts the demo into the fully functioning program. You can begin using Heavent right away. We also will ship a manual to each licensed user along with a CD with the software on it. The CD will have the same files that you can download from our website.

(see Licensing Agreement)

 Crucial points

Must provide the name of each individual who will be the authorized user for a given license (unless a site license is purchased). Only the named individual may use the software.

See Licensing Agreement for more detail.


Steven E. Guffey, PhD, CIH
1403 Far Meadows
Morgantown, WV 26508
(304) 685-1298
prefer email or text message to voice mail

(see Licensing Agreement)